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Bean, Kinney and Korman writes, edits, and publishes industry related newsletters devoted to issues and other matters of interest to our clients. Each newsletter is designed to highlight current events in the related industries and to acquaint our clients and friends with updated legal concepts and principles.

Past issues are made available with the understanding that they are not offered as specific legal advice, and that the facts and opinions set out therein may be, or may become, out dated with the passage of time.

  • Monkeying around with Copyright Laws – Who is capable of owning a Copyright?

    Restrictions in Franchise Agreements Narrowly Construed

    The Eight Corners Rule and the District of Columbia

  • Water, Water, Everywhere

    D.C. Office of Planning Takes a Stand Against Pop-Ups With New Zoning Text Amendment

  • Thinking of Moving to Florida? Maybe a Little Further South is a Better Option

    New Investment Thinking for Trustees?

  • Redskins Trademark Cancelled – Q&A with Bean, Kinney & Korman

    Knowing When and Why to Maintain Your Trademarks

    Tortious Interference in Virginia – Improper Methods Requirement

  • Out of State . . . Out of Mind?: Ensuring that Local and Out-of-State Construction Companies Play by the Same Rules

    Look! Up in the Sky! It’s a…Plane!: Proposed FAA Policy Could Affect Building Heights

  • A Contrarian View on Bypass Trusts

    Getting More Out of Trusts: The Total Return Unitrust

    Estate Planning for Your Eighteen Year Old: What You Need to Do Now May Surprise You

  • Marriage, Divorce & Your Business

    New Child Support Guidelines under Virginia Code Section 20-108.2: What do They Mean for You?

    Moving Out of the Marital Home - Should You Stay or Should You Go?

  • Enforcing Oral Contracts: The Presumption is Against You

    You’ve Been Served…  A Lawsuit via Facebook?!?!

  • Fairfax Circuit Court Strikes Down Noncompete as Overbroad, Offering Yet Another Lesson for Employers

    No WARNing of Bankruptcy?

    Department of Labor Further Delays Publication of its Final “Persuader” Rules

    FLSA Class Action Case Against Dollar Tree Goes Forward