Practice Philosophy

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We seek constant growth and expansion of our practice capabilities to meet the increasingly complex legal needs of our clients.  At the same time, we remain committed to those fundamental elements of value that are integral to our practice philosophy:  dedication to service, experience, versatility, flexibility and efficiency.

Client Service

No client should ever feel ignored or underserved.  Whether a fledgling business venture, a large-scale international enterprise or a nonprofit association, we conscientiously seek to deliver prompt and proficient service to every client.  We are dedicated to achieving exceptional results for our clients in every matter we are entrusted to handle, mindful of each client’s resources and unique circumstances.  Our personal concern for clients is a hallmark of the firm.


Our attorneys have accumulated an exceptional depth of experience and proficiency in complementary practice areas.  This quality enables us to assemble resources rivaling those of much larger firms for many matters of complexity and scale.  Our attorneys are not one-dimensional.  We bring to each case the perspective and intuitive thinking characteristic of a multi-disciplinary practice.

Our Value

Nothing substitutes for professional skill, but our ability to provide responsive, flexible and cost-effective legal services is dependent upon our relentless commitment to first-rate office and information systems.   We continually invest in the technology and training that make us more productive and effective professionals, including secure communications, legal research and resource services, routine pleading and document assembly programs, custom billing formats and systems, and shared work product.