Negligence/Personal Injury


People harmed through the fault of others deserve compensation for their injuries. For more than five decades, Bean, Kinney & Korman has represented clients seriously injured by someone’s negligence or other wrongful behavior, whether resulting from a vehicle collision, manufacture of a dangerous product or outright assault.

Systematic and Creative Approach

We do not accept every case. We carefully investigate and evaluate each claim while pursuing only those that have merit. We pride ourselves on our systematic and creative approach to information gathering, planning and preparation of each case. At the same time, we remain flexible throughout the case planning, negotiation and trial process, adapting to changes in information and tactics that arise with each individual claim.

Achieving Results Through Settlement or Litigation

More often than not we are able to negotiate settlements for our clients. Even so, our ability to negotiate effectively is due to our courtroom experience and successes. We are highly regarded trial attorneys and have established credibility with defense counsel and their clients that carries weight in the evaluation of our clients’ claims. Clients choose when settlement is a better alternative to the uncertainties of litigation, and we provide knowledgeable guidance to help them through that decision-making process. But we are confident in our litigation skills and are always prepared to take claims into the courtroom for decision by judge or jury when acceptable settlement terms are not put on the table.

Contingent Fee Compensation

Our contingent fee compensation assures that clients can afford to make the strongest case for compensation that we are capable of building. Clients are responsible for the out-of-pocket expenses of experts, filing fees and other litigation costs, but they do not pay any legal fees unless there is a recovery. We devote our efforts to achieving the highest compensation obtainable for each client, and constantly seek to reinforce our reputation as strong and resourceful advocates for victims of negligence and carelessness.