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For over 50 years, the attorneys at Bean, Kinney & Korman have been serving individuals and families in matters related to divorce, estate planning and business succession planning.

Family Issues

There are few things in life more stressful than going through a divorce.  Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to help guide and advise you through this difficult time.  We have been recognized for our ability to advocate for individuals in all aspects of family law, including:

  • divorce,
  • separation,
  • financial issues,
  • division of property,
  • mediation,
  • collaborative law,
  • pre- and post-nuptial agreements,
  • adoption, and
  • child custody.

In addition, our attorneys have extensive experience resolving the complex business and financial issues that can arise when a marriage is headed for dissolution.

Estate, Business Succession and Tax Planning

We advise individuals and couples on how estate planning can simplify the organization of assets during life and after death.  In addition, our lawyers work with executors, administrators, and trustees and uniquely understand the methods that can be applied before death to make post-death matters simple. 

Estate Planning:  We assist clients with any size estate and provide comprehensive advice regarding wills, trusts and financial and health care powers of attorney.  Transferring assets can be complicated, even for those self-described simple estates.  We use current strategies to ensure your assets go where you want them to and are distributed when you want them distributed.  Whether it is a simple will, complex trust or a special needs trust, we help our clients understand the benefits and methods of estate planning so they confidently select the right estate plan for themselves and their families.

Estate Administration:  When a loved one passes away, we provide advice to the person tasked with administering the estate on how to navigate the probate or trust administration process.  We often provide the first touch after a loss and can provide a roadmap to handle what is next.  We assist executors, administrators, trustees, guardians, heirs and beneficiaries to understand the estate administration process, including how to transfer real property, close estates, minimize disputes and resolve disputes when they arise.

Business Succession Planning: Many of our clients have built a business, either on their own or with partners. When a business is a part of your life, it needs to be a part of your estate plan.  Our business and estate planning attorneys work together to provide advice on how to best structure a business, deal with a partner’s death, pass the business on to the next generation and mesh corporate documents with key man life insurance policy agreements or buy/sell agreements.

Tax Planning:  Achieve maximum tax advantage by working with our tax lawyers in connection with your estate plan, estate administration or business needs.  Tax consequences impact individuals and businesses across the board. Our experienced tax attorneys can be your trusted advisors.


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