Our business blog focuses on issues affecting Virginia, D.C. and Maryland business owners as well as those in other jurisdictions throughout the country. We provide timely insight and commentary on federal and state rules and how they affect you. If you are interested in having us cover a specific topic, please let us know.

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Responsive to Your Business Needs

Many business owners know they need more than basic advice, but fear becoming lawyered to death by a mega-firm, or worse, ignored. We won't lose you in the shuffle. We offer wide experience and depth of knowledge in:

We are mindful of your resources. We understand your need to control legal costs, as much as your need to control any other cost of operation. We will work with you to deliver the services needed, in a cost-effective way.

Understands Your Business

Knowledge of the law is essential to being a lawyer and knowledge of your business is essential to being an advisor.  We have extensive familiarity with a range of industries, giving us a head start on understanding the “real world” issues that often drive legal analysis.  And what we don’t know, we’re eager to learn.  We often invest time “off the clock” to learn your business model and your industry, and we consider it part of our commitment to our client relationships.