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Earlier this week, D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department changed its policy regarding pregnant firefighters.  The change limits pregnant firefighters to 30-days of light duty during and after pregnancy.

Tom Sherwood from NBC 4 in Washington, DC reports

In a move to cut overtime and other administrative costs, the department is now limiting pregnant firefighters to 30 days of light duty or desk duty during a pregnancy.  After that, the employee must use accrued sick leave or annual leave to cover the rest of the pregnancy or any post pregnancy time off...

Under the old policy, a pregnant firefighter might work several months on light duty until she was due to give birth.  Under the new policy, the firefighter could face several months of no pay at all.

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Two former Fairfax County Firefighters recently pursued sexual harassment claims against Fairfax County in Alexandria Federal Court.  In one case decided in late May of this year, former firefighter Mary Getts Bland received a $250,000 jury verdict.  In early June, a second former firefighter, Stacey Bailey had her claim dismissed on summary judgment. 

Peter Vieth of Virginia Lawyer’s Weekly reports

Both cases involved allegations of a male-dominated culture at Fairfax firehouses, where crude jokesare the norm and one particular officer regularly made explicit and demeaning comments to female employees.