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socialmedia.jpgSeveral of my prior posts have discussed revising a company’s social media policy to create limits as to what employees may post online about the company and/or other employees.  In this newly emerging area of law, early cases supported employer policies that prevented employees from posting derogatory or defamatory statements about an employer on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and personal blogs.

As more cases are heard on the issue of what protections are afforded to social media speech, there appears to be a shift in rulings on cases involving companies’ social media policies.

February 12, 2013
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Do you have a Twitter account for your business that your employees access? Do any of your employees tweet using a Twitter handle that includes your company’s name? If so, you need to update your social media policy in order to protect your company.

PhoneDog Media (“PhoneDog”), a South Carolina based company, had an employee, Noah Kravitz, who left the company in 2010 but continued to use his Twitter name “Phonedog_Noah.” The Twitter account was linked to Kravitz’s personal email account and had 17,000 followers.

PhoneDog sued Kravitz for the loss of Twitter followers. PhoneDog told the New York Times that “The costs and resources invested by PhoneDog Media into growing its followers, fans and general brand awareness through social media are substantial and are considered property of PhoneDog Media L.L.C.” The company also stated that PhoneDog plans to fight to protect their customer lists, confidential information and brand.