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Our Blog's One Year Anniversary: Our Top Twenty Posts
September 10, 2010
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Our blog went live on September 10, 2010, so today marks our first anniversary.  We have enjoyed the conversations and appreciated being forced to keep up with the avalanche of technical and legal information that flows past trying to find good topics.

By far the most gratifying part of this experience is getting to know and become peers, confidants and friends of people of so many people. At the risk of singling some individuals out, our blog would not be what it is without the consistent interest, support and commentary of people like Chris Hill, Chris Cheatham, Matt DeVries, Jay O'Keeffe, Shari Shapiro, Scott Judy, Andrew McRoberts, and especially the Lex Blog team formed by Kevin O'Keefe.  Your friendship and counsel and sharing, especially in the infancy of this effort, has been greatly appreciated.

I thought it would be interesting to share the twenty posts that got the most traffic this year, particularly as you may have missed some.  Thanks for your support!

  1. Lead Paint Regulations April 22: Are You Ready? Is Anyone??
  2. Renovators Beware: Lead Paint Regulations Change in April
  3. Drywall Claims: New Testing Data, and is US Drywall a Problem Too?
  4. Living in Architecture: Me and Eero Saarinen
  5. Is USGBC Going To Gut GBCI Administered LEED Certifications?
  6. Chinese Drywall News: New Verdict; New Appeal; Insurance Coverage Updates
  7. Predictions on the Future of Green Building
  8. Financial Contingencies, "Pay if Paid" Clauses and Takings, Oh My!: The Fallout from the Granby Towers Litigation
  9. Modular Homes: Wave of the Future, But Currently Risky
  10. Never Underestimate the Value of Face Time: Kersey v. PHH Mortgage Corporation
  11. Subordination, Non-disturbance and Attornment Agreements
  12. Misclassification as Independent Contractors: Contractors be Careful!
  13. Basics of Mechanics Liens in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia
  14. Chinese Drywall Verdict and the Economic Loss Rule: Forum Matters
  15. Lead Paint Regulations Changing: Owner Exception Going Away, Commercial Structures Coming Soon??
  16. LEED 3.0: Changes Reflect the Need to Increase Energy Focus
  17. Huge Snowfall Leads to Wave of Roof Collapses
  18. Virginia Builder Fixing Drywall Without Lawsuit Gets No Insurance Coverage
  19. Fee Simple or Easement? Bailey v. Town of Saltville
  20. Building Codes and Earthquakes: Contrast Haiti and Chile


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