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Posts tagged alternative fuels.

BiofuelsEnergy production, sources, costs and impact are a constant fundamental part of the economy and the construction industry.  Nevertheless, there is a diverse flood of fuel related topics and commentary over the last week or two in Engineering News Record that is suprisingly interesting and dense.

On the biofuel front, ENR reprints and AP report that the biofuel market is particularly dead.  A federal tax credit has expired and, "The biodiesel industry is now operating at only 15 percent of its potential capacity, according to the National Biodiesel Board, largely because the price of traditional diesel has collapsed."  Meanwhile, ENR separately reports that the Canadian government has ordered a study into the environmental and health effects of producing ethanol and biodiesel fuels.  While this is not the first such critique of some ethanol or some biodiesel products, it cannot be heartening for biodiesel producers when juxtaposed against the current economy.