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Viet Nam signing peace accordsLaw and negotiation go hand in hand and understanding the psychology surrounding negotiation is critical to successfully representing clients.  I have long been fascinated by the wrangling of the parties over the shape of the table in discussions to negotiate the end of the Viet Nam war.  As stated eloquently in Time Magazine:

For ten weeks of often absurd haggling, the parties in Paris—the U.S., South Viet Nam, North Viet Nam and the National Liberation Front—have argued about whether the table at which to discuss a settlement of the Viet Nam war should be square, oblong, rectangular, oval or any number of imaginative mutations. Last week, after studying nearly two dozen designs, the negotiators at last agreed on the shape of the table: it will be round. A few days later, they sat down as a group for the first time to get on with the deadly serious business of seeking a peace settlement.

The Art of WarA post yesterday from our friend Chris Hill at Construction Law Musings really resonated with me on a critical skill that many lawyers seem to lack.  The post, "What Owners Look for in Green Building and Why Contractors Should Care" advocated that contractors should know and understand what project owners were looking for in green buildings.  As Chris states well, "Knowing the other side's playbook is one way that a football team can prepare, the same holds true in pre-construction negotiation of contracts."