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Roman shield scutum Dura-EuroposMy friend Vickie Pynchon recently posted at Chris Hill's blog, Construction Law Musings, on "How to Get Sued".  On the flip side, there are some simple pointers that all individuals and entities can follow that will dramatically reduce the chances of being sued.  These tips apply across a spectrum of businesses and are certainly not limited to just construction, real estate and land use.

Astronomical ClockMediation is often touted as a time and cost-saving method of dispute resolution in construction matters.  It is not without its critics.  Don Short recently posted a discussion,  "Why Bother with Mediation?".  Mr. Short's basic postion: "... mediation of a construction dispute is just an impediment to getting the matter resolved in a timely and cost efficient manner."  Mr. Short followed up in his piece "When Not to Use Mediation?" amplifying on the theme that time was money and that mediation clauses permitted a recalcitrant party to string the process out.