COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Resources

COVID-19 Resources

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has prompted local and global concerns for all of us. Bean, Kinney & Korman’s attorneys and staff have been closely monitoring the threat and the challenges it brings. Even as more of us become vaccinated, we deeply understand this is an evolving situation and are ready to help our clients, when and where possible. If you have legal concerns or questions about how the coronavirus impacts you, your family or your business, please contact us.

Visit the resources below for latest information and insights.


The Pandemic Has Evolved: EEOC Issues Updated COVID-19 Viral Testing Guidance for Employers

To Mask or Not to Mask: Virginia DOLI Board Votes to Repeal COVID Permanent Standard

DOLI Moves to Repeal Virginia’s COVID-19 Workplace Safety Regulations

Are Facemasks Still Required in Virginia Workplaces?

Big News for Big Employers: Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals Reinstates OSHA COVID Workplace Safety Standards for Large Employers

Webinar – Everything you need to know about COVID-19 vaccines, mask mandates, and Virginia workplace safety

Tackling the New Normal – EEOC Issues Updated Guidance for COVID-19 Vaccines in the Workplace

First Light Podcast: Can your employer force you to get the COVID-19 vaccine?

Bean, Kinney & Korman:  Helping to Develop Cost-Effective COVID-19 Workplace Safety Policies and Procedures that Meet Virginia’s New Regulatory Requirements and OSHA, CDC Guidelines

Can Employers Require Employees to Get the COVID-19 Vaccine?

Webinar – COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout: Key Legal Considerations for Employers

On-demand Webinar: COVID-19 Vaccines are Here: Key Public Health and Legal Considerations for Employers

OSHA Tells Employers: Vaccinated Employees Should Still Wear Face Coverings

FFCRA Update: COVID-19 Paid Leave in 2021

DOL Adjusts their View of Telemedicine to Support FMLA Leave

On-demand Webinar: Remote Work is Here to Stay – Key Legal Issues for Employers

Deck the Halls (but stay Home) this Holiday Season

On-demand Webinar: Overview of Virginia Department of Labor and Industry COVID-19 Regulations for Employers

Virginia Phase 3 Reopening: Will a COVID-19 Liability Waiver Protect Your Business from Legal Risks?

Summer Camps Closed Due to COVID-19? DOL Issues Additional Guidance for FFCRA Leave Eligibility

Employer Antibody Testing for COVID-19 Violates the ADA, According to New EEOC Guidance

Can Virginia Employees Still Get Paid Leave Under the FFCRA After Businesses Reopen and Schools Close?

Employees in Virginia are Heading Back to the Workplace. What Can Employers Ask or Do?

Webinar: Moving Beyond COVID-19 – EEOC/DOL/IRS Guidance and Getting Back to Business

Wages & Benefits Questions During the Coronavirus Business Downturn

What Can Employers Ask and Do About Their Employee’s Health During the Coronavirus Crisis? Answers from the EEOC

Documentation and Recordkeeping: COVID-19 Paid Leave and Employer Paid Leave Tax Credits

Emergency Paid Leave Laws: DOL Issues Additional FAQs to Answer Employer Questions

Government Enacts Stimulus Package with Extensive Benefits for Employers and Employees

DOL Issues Second FAQs: Provides More Guidance to Employers on Paid Leave Laws

Recorded webinar: COVID-19 Impact & Labor Laws 2020 (Arlington Chamber of Commerce Small Business Roundtable, March 25, 2020)

COVID-19 FAQs for Employers

Trump Signs Law: U.S. Workers Get Expanded FMLA Leave and Paid Sick Leave

Families First Coronavirus Response Act


May I Be Excused? New York Federal Court Says COVID-19 Pandemic a “Natural Disaster,” and Why Your Force Majeure Clause Matters

Recorded Webinar – Understanding Your Leases and Contracts in the COVID-19 Landscape (Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce, March 27, 2020)

Coronavirus Force Majeure and Real Estate Leases

Force Majeure in Commercial Leases: Doctrine of Impossibility and Business Interruption Insurance

Updates and Suggestions: Business Interruption Insurance


PPP Second Draw – What Businesses and Lenders Need to Know About the New Round of Funding

Tax Implications of PPP Loan Forgiveness

Creditors’ Rights Questions During COVID-19 – Part 1

Video: Bankruptcy Law in Focus – Protect Your Rights and Property

8 Common Business Bankruptcy Questions

Beyond PPP – Financing Options for the Restaurant Industry

COVID Impact on GovCon Deals in 2020

Federal assistance may prolong bankruptcy filings

4 Tips for Pursuing Principal Forgiveness of a PPP Loan

COVID-19 Economic Relief Investigations: They Will Expose Some Businesses to Civil Liability

Online Board Meetings – What to Know When Social-Distancing Requires Your Meetings to Go Virtual

Paycheck Protection Loans Under the CARES Act: What Do Lenders Need to Know?

SBA Paycheck Protection Loans Under the CARES Act

4 Tips for Businesses Impacted by the Coronavirus

Understanding the Available Tax Credits Under Families First Coronavirus Response

Maryland COVID-19 Small Business and Nonprofit Assistance

How Employers Can Obtain Timely Payment: Tax Credits Under Families First Coronavirus Response Act

CARES Act: Payroll Tax Benefits


I Want to Get Divorced but I Can’t Get a Court Date…Now What?

Coronavirus and Custody: Implications of Stay at Home Orders

ER Doctor’s Temporary Loss of Custody and a Possible Path Forward

Divorce Toolkit – A Guide to Separation and Divorce in Virginia

Coronavirus and Custody: What You Need to Know During the Crisis

COVID-19: I Lost My Job and/or am Furloughed. Can I Stop Paying Child Support While I am Unemployed?

COVID-19: Daycare is Closed. Does My Child Support Obligation Change?

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