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DOL Issues New Tipped Employee Rules under the FLSA
DOL Issues New Tipped Employee Rules under the FLSA

As a Court of Appeals panel in Richmond pointed out recently, employer FLSA obligations are simple enough for employees who receive a traditional hourly wage but get far murkier and more complicated in the restaurant industry, where employees typically receive compensation through tips or gratuities and employers are permitted to take a “tip credit” to offset a part of the minimum hourly wage due restaurant employees.

On December 22, 2020, the U.S. DOL announced a final rule clarifying its FLSA regulations governing wages that must be paid to tipped employees. Among other things in the final rule, the DOL:

  • Expressly prohibits employers – regardless of whether they take a tip credit – from keeping any part of employees’ tips, for any purpose.
  • Removed regulatory restrictions that prohibited employers who do not take a tip credit from using expanded mandatory tip pools that include non-traditional employees such as dishwashers and cooks, who had previously been excluded under the rules, while restricting tip pool participation to employees that customarily have received tips – servers and bussers – for employers who do take a tip credit.
  • Mandated that employers who collect employees’ tips to facilitate a mandatory tip pool must redistribute those tips back to the employees no less often than when it pays wages.
  • Further clarified recent DOL guidance explaining under what circumstances an employer may claim a tip credit for time that an employee in a tipped occupation performs related non-tipped duties contemporaneously with tipped duties.

The DOL’s final rule will become effective sixty days after publication in the Federal Register.

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