BKK has been walking the walk for decades when it comes to community engagement and service. Practicing with a law firm like ours is not only about billing time and running a business. It is also about making our community and our world a better place through our work, impact, and volunteer opportunities.

It is not only our obligation, but our privilege, to give back. Our roles in the community are diverse – we are tutors in schools; supporters of pro bono legal services; volunteers with nonprofit organizations and nonprofit board members; and leaders in our community organizations.

We are volunteer coaches for youth sports and active within our faith communities and alumni groups. We walk, run, play kickball, collect food and clothing, and open our checkbooks to support local charities. It is important to us to participate in community service projects and be active citizens of impact to help shape and encourage the success of our community.

Some of the organizations we are honored to support include: