Copyright / Trademark


Ideas that become creative works – logos, slogans, branding, trade dress and “look and feel” schemes – are the raw materials of the modern economy and can be every bit as valuable as oil, iron and lumber. Without proper protection, however, what springs from the imagination might as well be tossed out with the week’s trash. We develop customized protection plans to ensure your works remain within your control and capitalize on your intellectual property.

The attorneys at Bean, Kinney & Korman know how important your brand is to your company. Keeping that in mind, we work with you to identify and protect your brand through our copyright and trademark services. We help our clients develop strategies for their intellectual property, identify their rights and defend those rights in court. Whether you are an emerging business or a large enterprise, we provide the services needed to protect the value of your copyrights and trademarks.


Our intellectual property lawyers offer a range of copyright services including registering your work, maintaining your portfolio, providing copyright counseling and handling all licensing and agreements associated with your copyrighted works.


Our attorneys are well versed in trademark law and regularly assist clients with clearing trademarks for use, and with trademark registration, maintenance, monitoring and enforcement. We routinely work with the United States Patent and Trademark Office by responding to questions and office actions and representing clients in oppositions and other proceedings before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.

Experience with Infringement Claims

We counsel our clients faced with infringement claims, providing knowledgeable and practical advice that is not simply the textbook answer but takes into account the realities of the business world in which the useful (and marketable) life of an idea may be measured in months, not years. Our litigation practice has experience enforcing and defending copyright and trademark rights nationwide.


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