Alternative Dispute Resolution


Getting to yes. There are different ways to achieve a final resolution of a difficult issue. Sometimes the principals to a dispute are able to work it out by themselves. Sometimes they lock into entrenched positions and resort to costly, time-consuming and unpredictable litigation. Between these extremes, alternative dispute resolution is often an attractive option for parties in conflict.

Experienced in Alternative Dispute Resolution Procedures

Bean, Kinney & Korman counts among its attorneys talented, trained and experienced mediators, as well as lawyers familiar and comfortable with alternative dispute resolution procedures in Northern Virginia and the entire D.C. metropolitan area. As mediators, these individuals serve in a neutral role, actively eliciting from all principals their core concerns and willingness to compromise. With the mediator’s guidance, disputants can fashion their own solution, often saving substantial legal fees and time.

Regularly Serve as Arbitrators or Neutral Case Evaluators

In addition to providing mediation services, our lawyers serve as arbitrators or neutral case evaluators. Rather than engaging the principals in direct dialogue, the arbitrator or evaluator hears out each side and renders a decision, which typically is binding in arbitration, or advisory only in neutral case evaluations.

Preferable Alternative to Litigation

Many times our dispute resolution services are a preferable alternative to litigation. Whether mediation, arbitration or neutral case evaluation, the process is one where you will have greater participation, influence and control, with faster and often more creative results than can be obtained through litigation. Alternative dispute resolution has proven particularly valuable in domestic relations matters and commercial disputes, practice areas in which we have extensive experience.

Representation of Parties in Alternative Dispute Resolution Proceedings

In addition to serving as mediators and arbitrators, our attorneys represent parties in alternative dispute resolution proceedings. We recognize when there is meaningful benefit to be gained from these options and will not hesitate to recommend them to clients in appropriate cases. We have experience making case presentations to mediators, neutral case evaluators and arbitration panels, including the American Arbitration Association, and in maximizing the benefits for our clients in these venues.


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