Commercial & Civil Litigation


From modest contract disputes and collections to complex multi-million dollar litigation, Bean, Kinney & Korman enjoys a reputation of assembling qualified, tenacious teams of attorneys and support staff to serve our clients. We practice in the trial and appellate courts of every local and federal jurisdiction in Northern Virginia and the greater Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. We also handle cases nationwide. We appear in mediation and arbitration proceedings.

Litigation Practice Versatility

We see the forest. We’re not artificially compartmentalized by practice discipline, which can result in skewed and flawed litigation strategy. Our experienced trial attorneys take advantage of the firm’s substantive knowledge in multiple practice areas and have the sense to draw upon those resources in preparing for trial.

Appropriate Staffing of Cases

Many firms drag in whoever is available to handle a matter. We organize whoever is needed and appropriate. That may be only a junior associate with a senior attorney’s occasional guidance. Or it may be multiple combinations of attorneys and support staff with a range of experience and skills that can go toe-to-toe with formidable opponents. The requirements of the client and the demands of the case receive equally thoughtful response.

Experience in Different Types of Litigation

Litigation is not a numbers game in which the side putting the most bodies into the fray wins. It demands focus, intuition, skill, determination, credibility, and ultimately the ability to convince a judge or jury that you’re right. These are qualities we have in abundance. We appreciate the opportunity to put them at your service, as we have for our clients involved in a variety of litigated matters, including:


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Reported Cases


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