Zoning & Land Use


Bean, Kinney & Korman’s land use and zoning team is known for handling a variety of zoning cases throughout Northern and Central Virginia, the District of Columbia, and Maryland. Their work includes representing national, regional and local developers and property owners in the counties of Arlington, Fairfax, Prince William, Loudoun, Chesterfield, and Henrico, the cities of Fairfax, Alexandria, and Richmond, the District of Columbia, and Montgomery and Frederick Counties.

Ability to Navigate Multiple Constituencies and Competing Interests

Governmental regulation of land use and the process of obtaining entitlements to develop and redevelop real estate involve intensely parochial and complex layers of competing interests. These interests include the governing jurisdiction, as well as neighborhood groups, state and federal agencies, conservation and historic preservation organizations, and tenant associations. Three-dimensional chess is easy by comparison.

Credibility Among Public Entities

Our attorneys have spent decades accumulating knowledge of the political, economic and technical factors that influence how properties can be permitted to realize the potential desired by owners and developers. More importantly, we invest time to establish credibility with governmental staffs and the elected and appointed leadership of agencies and public bodies who process and make land use decisions, as well as the citizen groups whose vocal support or opposition is often critical.

Creative Approaches to Overcome Regulatory Obstacles

For any land use practitioner, easy familiarity with the codes, rules and policies of the governing jurisdiction is fundamental. Knowing how they are interpreted and applied, however, can mean the difference between a successful and unsuccessful application. We have used a variety of creative approaches to overcome apparent regulatory obstacles to developments that didn’t neatly fit the zoning ordinance.

Knowledge of the Development Community

Over and above the value we provide in dealing with regulatory agencies is our knowledge of the development community and the markets in which they operate. Information on who’s trying to build what and where and how they’re being treated in the entitlement process is invaluable to our clients in their decision-making process.


Whatever you seek to accomplish in the development process, whether a subdivision, rezoning, site plan, special exception or use permitting or variance grant, we offer the depth of knowledge, experience and relationships that can make it happen.


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