Internet & e-Commerce


No matter how your business intersects with technology, our experienced team of lawyers can help you protect and leverage your assets. Whether your company provides high-tech solutions to government agencies, licenses entertainment content to and from providers, or markets your products and services through an online presence, Bean, Kinney & Korman has go-to lawyers to advise you on the legal issues and provide you with real-world business solutions.

Our attorneys have decades of experience with the business and technical aspects of emerging technologies and analyzing the legal issues in protecting your intellectual property. We’ve helped entrepreneurs build their online presence from the ground up and advised growing companies on protecting their intellectual property assets. We’ve fought to retrieve domain names and to stop imposters from taking advantage of our client’s brand online.

The variety and creativity of our services in this practice area mirror the variety and creativity of our clients’ businesses, including:

Getting Online and Mobile

  • Negotiating website and mobile app development, and hosting agreements
  • Drafting privacy policies, terms and conditions, terms of use and DMCA compliance
  • Minimizing risks of potential liability from infringing or defamatory materials that may appear on client websites

Protecting Intellectual Property

  • Domain name, copyright, trademark and trade secret counseling, prosecution, enforcement and defense
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act take-downs for copyright infringement
  • Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP) domain name disputes before the World Intellectual Property Organization
  • Litigating privacy and publicity rights, and defamation and libel claims

Leveraging Your Assets

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