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5 Tips on Protecting Articles, Blogs, or Posts from Defamation Liability

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In today’s cyber world, companies and individuals may be accused of selling defective goods, providing poor service, misleading customers, defrauding the government, or committing unethical or criminal conduct. The accusations can appear in emails, blogs, social media, videos, or review websites. They may come from competitors, customers, foreign governments, or strangers. What is worse, they may be cloaked in the anonymity of the internet.

Bean, Kinney & Korman handles internet defamation cases.

What We Can Do

We fight back against defamers and cyber-attackers, exposing and holding them accountable. And, for some bloggers caught in the cross-fire of defamation, we defend their freedom of speech.

We follow a R-A-P-I-D game plan in pursuing and defending against internet defamation cases. We spot the strongest legal claims and defenses, and think outside the box, deploying creative strategies. We explore inexpensive resolution methods before proceeding with litigation. Finally, we network with public relations and digital forensics experts to offer a comprehensive approach to defending names, brands, and reputations and recovering damages.

Who We Represent

Our seasoned litigators and trial lawyers represent banks, construction companies, government contractors, health care companies, internet-based companies, professionals (e.g., doctors, dentists, and lawyers), retailers, small businesses, software and application developers, universities, and individuals.

What Services We Can Provide

Our internet defamation counseling and litigation services cover a broad range of issues:

As internet speech grows, so do internet defamation cases. It is easier today to ruin names, brands, and reputations with online negative statements. Yet it is also easier today to raise issues and advocate change before a widespread audience connected by the internet. The battle between freedom of speech and freedom from defamation is alive and well in the 21st Century.

If you are concerned that someone has defamed you or accused you of defamation, consult an attorney. Our team of Internet & e-Commerce Attorneys is here to help and design a path forward.

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