Intellectual Property


A penny for your thoughts? More like millions of dollars if it’s the right thought or nothing at all if your intellectual property isn’t properly protected. Sometimes creative value comes from a vision in the middle of the night. More often, it’s the product of endless hours spent toiling away on a keyboard and finally constructing a solution for which there is a ready market. How unfortunate, then, to see the rewards of all that effort slip away with the “trusted” employee, through copyright infringement, or by the poorly drafted licensing agreement.

Working with a range of clients from small software developers, to regional advertising firms, to multinational enterprises, Bean, Kinney & Korman provides knowledgeable intellectual property services including copyrights, trademarks, licensing, advertising law, and more.

Skilled Advice to Protect Your Intellectual Property

The firm offers experienced assistance to its clients throughout Northern Virginia, Maryland, the District of Columbia and throughout the world with many intellectual property matters, including:

Mergers and Acquisitions

Our intellectual property attorneys are a source of guidance and advice during the mergers and acquisitions process, including:

  • due diligence assessment of target company assets
  • seller response to issues raised during due diligence
  • advice on intellectual property assets throughout negotiation, closing and sale
  • intellectual property audits in pre-market preparation

Intellectual Property Disputes and Negotiations

Our lawyers understand both the legal and business issues that arise from intellectual property disputes and negotiations. Whether enforcing your intellectual property rights or defending infringement claims, we can assist you in managing your risks and maximizing your protection, always mindful of your resources and keeping the stakes in perspective.

Types of Clients Served

What kinds of businesses have found the firm to be their trusted advisor on intellectual property matters?

  • Advertising and public relations agencies
  • Government contractors
  • Business consultants
  • Data aggregator licensors
  • Software developers
  • Mobile application developers
  • Online retailers
  • Industry associations
  • Restaurants
  • Wineries

We welcome the opportunity to assist you with your intellectual property needs.

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