Retailers & Restaurateurs


While facing challenges common to other business enterprises, retail merchants and restaurateurs have particular needs for legal services that start with an understanding of how they operate, what they need to operate effectively and what can threaten their profitability or put them out of business altogether.

Our Clients

Bean, Kinney & Korman counts among its valued clients many who are retailers and restaurant operators in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia, including:

  • supermarkets
  • specialty wholesalers and retailers
  • dry cleaners
  • white tablecloth and fast casual restaurants
  • multiple franchise operations
  • food wholesalers
  • fitness centers and health clubs
  • dance and cooking schools
  • optical centers
  • hair salons
  • nightclubs
  • caterers

Legal Services for Retail Establishments and Restaurants

In addition to the organizational and transactional services that most businesses need, we have worked closely with owners of retail shops and restaurants to counsel them on leasing, zoning, construction, employment law, business acquisition and sale, and litigation matters. Our attorneys are committed to being responsive and informed given our familiarity with the unique aspects of our clients’ businesses.

For our Northern Virginia restaurateurs who serve alcoholic beverages, we provide knowledgeable and experienced counsel on regulatory matters, including licensing and response to enforcement actions.

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