Once, employment law was simple. People were hired to do a job and were paid for it. If they didn’t work out, they were fired. Now employment relationships are incredibly complex and every business faces a bewildering thicket of laws and regulations. Bean, Kinney & Korman’s employment law practice group assists its business clients of all sizes with the challenges presented by nearly every personnel and workplace matter in Virginia, Washington, D.C. and Maryland.

We offer seasoned insight applied to a wide spectrum of employment-related issues, working closely with clients to manage their workforce relationships and to develop appropriate legal strategies. We understand the need and techniques required to enhance and protect our clients’ intellectual capital and workforce investments. Employers benefit from our guidance in implementing preventive measures to reduce the risk of litigation and ensure compliance with applicable employment laws and regulations.

Employment Litigation

When litigation is unavoidable, we offer decades of experience defending clients in trial and appellate courts and before administrative agencies and arbitration panels. We understand that litigation isn’t a business objective and are mindful that effective legal strategy requires finding ways to dispose of claims as quickly and cost-effectively as may be accomplished, consistent with our clients’ interests. Some cases simply cannot be resolved short of trial; therefore, our approach to litigation incorporates thoughtful attention to keeping costs manageable for our clients.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

When there is an opportunity to resolve employment claims without litigation, we assist our clients in understanding and choosing the most suitable alternative resolution process, whether mediation, neutral evaluation or arbitration to accomplish expeditious and successful closure of disputes.

Wide-Ranging Employment Law Experience

Our employment litigation and counseling experience covers a wide range of workplace-related matters, including:

  • Anti-Discrimination and Civil Rights Laws
  • Wrongful Discharge/ Employment-Based Common Law Actions
  • Wage & Hour Compliance
  • National Labor Relations Act/Labor Practices
  • False Claims Act, SOX, and Federal Whistleblower Actions
  • Workplace-Oriented Corporate Governance, Due Diligence
  • Employment Contracts
  • ERISA and Employee Benefits (including the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act)
  • Restrictive Covenants, Trade Secrets Protection
  • Reorganizations and Reductions in Force
  • EEO Training, Audits, Civil Rights Investigations
  • Human Resource Policies and Procedures

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